Kenfil Hong Kong Limited
Course CodeCourse NameCert.DayEB/PROMO (HK$)STANDARD (HK$)
2024-06:AWSARData Analysis - Specialty13,0006,000
2024-06: CISSPCISSP5-19,000
2024-06: DockerDCA28,67010,200
2024-07:CEHCertified Ethical Hacker (CEH)5-19,800
2024-07: KAdmin2CKA2-8,500
2024-07: LinuxA-38,50010,000
2024-08:CHFIComputer Hacking Forensic Investigator (CHFI)5-19,800
2024-08:CNDCertified Network Defender (CND)5-19,800
2024-08: KAdmin2CKA2-8,500
2024-09:CEHCertified Ethical Hacker (CEH)5-19,800
2024-09: CICDCKAD519,55023,000
2024-09: KAdmin2CKA2-8,500
2024-09: LinuxA-38,50010,000
2024-10:CHFIComputer Hacking Forensic Investigator (CHFI)5-19,800
2024-10:CNDCertified Network Defender (CND)5-19,800
2024-10: CICDCKAD519,55023,000
2024-10: KAdmin2CKA2-8,500
2024-10: CKSCKA313,50015,900
2024-11:CEHCertified Ethical Hacker (CEH)5-19,800
2024-11: CICDCKAD519,55023,000
2024-11: KAdmin2CKA2-8,500
2024-11: LinuxA-38,50010,000
2024-12:CHFIComputer Hacking Forensic Investigator (CHFI)5-19,800
2024-12:CNDCertified Network Defender (CND)5-19,800
2024-12: CICDCKAD519,55023,000
2024-12: KAdmin2CKA2-8,500
2024-12: CKSCKA313,50015,900
55353Administering a SQL Database Infrastructure
[Replace course 20764]
SC-400T00Administering Information Protection and Compliance in Microsoft 365Associate49,90011,000
DP-300T00Administering Microsoft Azure SQL SolutionsAssociate49,90011,000
Confirmed Class55348Administering Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager
[Replace course 20703-1]
20345-1Administering Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 / 2019-49,90011,000
AZ-800T00Administering Windows Server Hybrid Core Infrastructure
[Replace course WS-011T00 & WS-012T00]
AWSAAAdvanced Architecting on AWSSolutions Architect - Professional3Promotion9,00018,000
55318Advanced Automated Administration With Windows PowerShell
[ Replace course 10962]
AWSADAdvanced Developing on AWSDevOps Engineer - Professional3Promotion9,00018,000
PYT238Advanced Python-2-7,800
ADX-201ADX-201 Administration Essentials for New Admins in Lightning ExperienceSalesforce Certified Administrator5-27,300
ADX-211ADX-211 Administer, Extend, and Automate SalesforceSalesforce Certified Advanced Administrator4-21,840
ADX-261ADX-261 Administer and Maintain Service CloudSalesforce Certified Service Cloud Consultant210,37010,920
Confirmed ClassAWSAArchitecting on AWSSolutions Architect - Associate3Promotion9,00018,000
AZ-040T00Automating Administration with Windows PowerShell
[Replace course 10961]
AWSCPAWS Cloud Practitioner EssentialsCloud Practitioner1Promotion3,0006,000
Confirmed ClassAWSTEAWS Technical EssentialsCloud Practitioner1Promotion3,0006,000
BSX-101BSX-101 Discover Salesforce Fundamentals to Support Your Business-315,56016,380
BSX-201BSX-201 Reporting Strategies for Business Analysts-315,56016,380
MS-600T00Building applications and solutions with Microsoft 365 Core ServicesAssociate49,90011,000
Confirmed ClassAWSDABuilding Batch Data Analytics Solutions on AWSData Engineer - Associate1Promotion3,0006,000
AWSARBuilding Data Analytics Solutions Using Amazon Redshift-1Promotion3,0006,000
AWSDLBuilding Data Lakes on AWS-1Promotion3,0006,000
AWSSDBuilding Streaming Data Analytics Solutions on AWS-1Promotion3,0006,000
CEHCEH: Ethical Hacking and Countermeasures v12 - Bundled with ONE exam voucherCertified Ethical Hacker (CEH)5-19,800
CHFICHFI: Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator - Bundled with ONE exam voucherComputer Hacking Forensic Investigator (CHFI)5-19,800
CISSPCISSP - Certified Information Systems Security ProfessionalCISSP5-19,000
AWSCOCloud Operations on AWSSysOps Administrator - Associate3Promotion9,00018,000
CNDCND: Certified Network Defender v3 - Bundled with ONE exam voucherCertified Network Defender (CND)5-19,800
MS-721T00Collaboration Communications Systems Engineer
[Replace course MS-720T00]
AZ-140T00Configuring and operating Windows Virtual Desktop on Microsoft Azure
[Replace course 20694]
AZ-801T00Configuring Windows Server Hybrid Advanced Services
[Replace course WS-011T00 & WS-012T00]
CSCUCSCU: Certified Secure Computer User - Bundled with ONE exam voucherCertified Secure Computer User (CSCU)1Exclusive Class ONLYPlease Contact Us for Details
DP-203T00Data Engineering on Microsoft AzureAssociate4Exclusive Class ONLYPlease Contact Us for Details
AWSDWData Warehousing on AWS-3Promotion9,00018,000
DP-100T01Designing and Implementing a Data Science Solution on AzureAssociate4Exclusive Class ONLYPlease Contact Us for Details
AI-102T00Designing and Implementing a Microsoft Azure AI SolutionAssociate49,90011,000
55247Designing and Implementing Cloud Data Platform Solutions-38,6409,600
AZ-700T00Designing and Implementing Microsoft Azure Networking Solutions Associate38,6409,600
AZ-400T00Designing and Implementing Microsoft DevOps SolutionsExpert413,50015,000
AZ-305T00Designing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solution
[Replace course AZ-304T00]
AI-050T00Develop Generative AI Solutions with Azure OpenAI Service-13,6004,000
55340Developing ASP.NET MVC Web Applications
[Replace course 20486]
-4Exclusive Class ONLYPlease Contact Us for Details
AWSAIDeveloping Generative AI Applications on AWS -2Promotion6,00012,000
AWSDDeveloping on AWSDeveloper - Associate3Promotion9,00018,000
AZ-204T00Developing solutions for Microsoft AzureAssociate4Exclusive Class ONLYPlease Contact Us for Details
AWSDEDevOps Engineering on AWSDevOps Engineer - Professional3Promotion9,00018,000
DEX-403DEX-403 Declarative Development for Platform App Builders in Lightning Experience -525,93527,300
DEX-450DEX-450 Programmatic Development using Apex & Visualforce in Lightning ExperienceSalesforce Certified Platform Developer I525,93527,300
DEX-602DEX-602 Program Lightning Web Components-5Exclusive Class ONLYPlease Contact Us for Details
MS-080T00Employee Experience Platform Specialist-13,6004,000
FSL-201FSL-201 Implement Salesforce Field ServiceSalesforce Certified Field Service Lightning Consultant315,56016,380
55344Identity with Windows Server
[For Windows Server 2016/2019/2022]
55345Implementing and Managing Windows 11
[Replace course 20697-1]
CICDImplementing DevOps Automatic CI/CD Pipeline with OpenAI, GitLab, Harbor, Jenkins, Kubernetes, Argo and AnsibleCKAD5Promotion19,55023,000
55382Installation, Storage, and Compute with Windows Server
[For Windows Server 2016/2019/2022]
55004Installing and Configuring System Center 2012 Operations Manager-49,90011,000
55337Introduction to Programming
[Replace course 10975]
-4Exclusive Class ONLYPlease Contact Us for Details
PYT138Introduction to Python-3-9,600
ISO_AISO/IEC 20000 Auditor ISO/IEC 20000 Auditor2Exclusive Class ONLYPlease Contact Us for Details
ISO_PISO/IEC 20000 Practitioner ISO/IEC 20000 Practitioner3Exclusive Class ONLYPlease Contact Us for Details
ITIL_CITIL 4 Foundation (includes exam)ITIL Foundation2-12,500
ITIL_CDSITIL 4 Specialist Create, Deliver and Support (includes exam)ITIL 4 Create, Deliver & Support3-16,600
ITIL_DSVITIL 4 Specialist Drive Stakeholder Value (includes exam)ITIL 4 Drive Stakeholder Value3-16,600
ITIL_HITITIL 4 Specialist High-velocity IT (includes exam)ITIL 4 High-velocity IT3-16,600
ITIL_DPIITIL 4 Strategist Direct, Plan and Improve (includes exam)ITIL 4 Direct, Plan and Improve3-16,600
KAdmin1Kubernetes Administration - Part 1CKA3-11,500
Confirmed ClassKAdmin2Kubernetes Administration - Part 2CKA2-8,500
CKSKubernetes Security Best Practices: Safeguarding Cloud-native Containerized ApplicationsCKS3Promotion13,50015,900
LinuxALinux Administration-38,50010,000
DockerManaging Containers Images Lifecycle with Docker and CRI-ODCA28,67010,200
MS-700T00Managing Microsoft TeamsAssociate49,90011,000
55205Mastering Microsoft Project 2016-3Exclusive Class ONLYPlease Contact Us for Details
MCC-201MCC-201 Link Your Salesforce Data using Marketing Cloud ConnectSalesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Consultant420,74021,840
MS-102T00Microsoft 365 Administrator Essentials
[Replace course MS-100T00 & MS-101T00]
MD-102T00Microsoft 365 Endpoint Administrator
[Replace course MD-100T00 & MD-101T00]
Confirmed ClassMS-900T01Microsoft 365 FundamentalsFundamental13,6004,000
AZ-104T00Microsoft Azure AdministratorAssociate49,90011,000
Confirmed ClassAI-900T00Microsoft Azure AI FundamentalsFundamental13,6004,000
Confirmed ClassDP-900T00Microsoft Azure Data FundamentalsFundamental13,6004,000
AZ-900T00Microsoft Azure FundamentalsFundamental13,6004,000
AZ-500T00Microsoft Azure Security TechnologiesAssociate49,90011,000
SC-100T00Microsoft Cybersecurity ArchitectExpert49,90011,000
MB-220T00Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights (Journeys) Functional ConsultantAssociate49,90011,000
MB-230T01Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer ServiceAssociate49,90011,000
MB-910T00Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fundamentals Customer Engagement Apps (CRM)Fundamental13,6004,000
MB-920T00Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fundamentals Finance and Operations Apps (ERP)Fundamental13,6004,000
MB-210T01Microsoft Dynamics 365 SalesAssociate27,0007,800
DP-600T00Microsoft Fabric Analytics EngineerAssociate49,90011,000
SC-300T00Microsoft Identity and Access AdministratorAssociate49,90011,000
55265Microsoft Power Apps for End Users-27,0007,800
55268Microsoft Power Automate for End Users-13,6004,000
PL-500T00Microsoft Power Automate RPA DeveloperAssociate4Exclusive Class ONLYPlease Contact Us for Details
Confirmed ClassPL-300T00Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst
[Replace course DA-100T00]
PL-100T00Microsoft Power Platform App MakerAssociate49,90011,000
PL-400T00Microsoft Power Platform DeveloperAssociate4Exclusive Class ONLYPlease Contact Us for Details
PL-200T00Microsoft Power Platform Functional ConsultantAssociate38,6409,600
PL-900T00Microsoft Power Platform FundamentalsFundamental13,6004,000
55289Microsoft Project 2019: Digging Deeper -2Exclusive Class ONLYPlease Contact Us for Details
SC-200T00Microsoft Security Operations AnalystAssociate49,90011,000
SC-900T00Microsoft Security, Compliance, and Identity FundamentalsFundamental13,6004,000
55197Microsoft SharePoint Server 2016 for the Site Owner/Power User-27,0007,800
AWSMMigrating to AWS-3Promotion9,00018,000
MKT-101MKT-101 Build and Analyze Customer Journeys using Marketing CloudSalesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Consultant / Email Specialist525,93527,300
55349Networking with Windows Server Replace course 20741 Networking with Windows Server 2016 -49,90011,000
NCM-MCINutanix Advanced Administration & Performance Management 5.15 for Nutanix Certified Master - Multicloud Infrastructure (NCM-MCI) CertificationNCM-MCI4-31,200
Confirmed ClassNCP-MCINutanix Enterprise Cloud Administration for Nutanix Certified Professional - Multicloud Infrastructure (NCP-MCI) CertificationNCP-MCI416,38027,300
ODBAOracle Database 19c: Administration WorkshopOCP5-23,000
OAPSQLOracle Database 19c: Advanced PL/SQL-3-16,000
ODBBROracle Database 19c: Backup and Recovery WorkshopOCP5-23,000
ODBFDSOracle Database 19c: Fundamentals for Developers and System Administrators-2-14,000
ODBHAOracle Database 19c: High Availability New Features-1-11,000
ODBMMAOracle Database: Managing Multitenant ArchitectureOCP4-18,500
ODBNFOracle Database 19 c: New Features for AdministratorsOCP2-14,000
ODBPMTOracle Database 19c: Performance Management and Tuning-5-23,000
OPSQLOracle Database 19c: PL/SQL Workshop-5-23,000
OSQLTDOracle Database 19c: SQL Tuning Workshop-3-16,000
OSQLOracle Database 19c: SQL Workshop-5-23,000
ODBDPUOracle Database: Deploy, Patch and Upgrade WorkshopOCP2-14,000
OWSA1Oracle WebLogic Server 12c: Administration I-5-23,000
OWSA2Oracle WebLogic Server 12c: Administration II-5-23,000
AWSPDDPlanning and Designing Databases on AWS-3Promotion9,00018,000
PL-600T00Power Platform Solution ArchitectExpert3Exclusive Class ONLYPlease Contact Us for Details
55202PowerShell 5.0 and Desired State Configuration-27,0007,800
Confirmed Class55133PowerShell for Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager Administrators-38,6409,600
AWSASPractical Data Science with Amazon SageMakerMachine Learning - Specialty1Promotion3,0006,000
55339Programming in C#
[Replace cousre 20483]
-4Exclusive Class ONLYPlease Contact Us for Details
55320Programming with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
[Replace course 20480]
-4Exclusive Class ONLYPlease Contact Us for Details
PMPProject Management Professional (PMP)Project Management Professional (PMP)5-19,000
PYDATAPython for Data Analytics-4-11,000
DP-080T00Querying Data with Microsoft Transact-SQL
[Replace course 20761]
RPX-101RPX-101 Reporting Fundamentals in Lightning Experience-1Exclusive Class ONLYPlease Contact Us for Details
AWSEKSRunning Containers on Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS)-3Promotion9,00018,000
20744Securing Windows Server 2016-49,90011,000
AWSSECSecurity Engineering on AWSSecurity - Specialty3Promotion9,00018,000
55199SharePoint 2016 End User Training-38,6409,600
55200SharePoint 2016 Power User Training-27,0007,800
55286SharePoint 2019 Power User-49,90011,000
55299SharePoint 2019 Site Owner Training-27,0007,800
55293SharePoint End User 2019-38,6409,600
55255SharePoint for Office 365 End User Training-38,6409,600
55261SharePoint for Office 365 Site Owner Training-27,0007,800
55238SharePoint Online for Administrators
[Replace course MS-040T00]
55215SharePoint Online Power User-49,90011,000
55321SQL Server Integration Services
[Replace course 20767]
55342Supporting and Troubleshooting Windows 11
[Replace course 10982]
AWSMLThe Machine Learning Pipeline on AWS Machine Learning - Specialty4Promotion12,00024,000
VVADVMware App Volumes and Dynamic Environment Manager: Configure and Manage-315,10015,900
VCACVMware Aria Automation: Install, Configure, Manage [V8.10] (Product formerly known as vRealize Automation)VCP-CMA / VCAP-CMA Design522,89524,100
VNICMVMware Aria Operations for Networks: Install, Configure, Manage [V6.8] (Product formerly known as vRealize Network Insight)-29,2159,700
VCBAOTVMware Carbon Black Cloud: Advanced Operations and Troubleshooting-29,2159,700
VCBPDVMware Carbon Black Cloud: Plan and DeployVCP-EWS29,2159,700
VCBEVMware Carbon Black EDR: Install, Configure, Manage [V7.x]-315,10015,900
VCFPMOVMware Cloud Foundation: Plan, Manage and Operate [V5.0]-522,89524,100
VMCDMVMware Cloud on AWS: Deploy, Configure, Manage 2023VCP-VMC420,42521,500
Confirmed ClassVV8ITVMware Horizon 8: Infrastructure TroubleshootingVCAP-DTM Design / VCAP-DTM Deploy315,10015,900
Confirmed ClassVV8VDTVMware Horizon 8: Virtual Desktop TroubleshootingVCP-DTM / VCAP-DTM Design / VCAP-DTM Deploy29,2459,730
VV8DMVMware Horizon: Deploy and Manage [V8.8]VCP-DTM / VCAP-DTM Deploy522,89524,100
VNSXAVMware NSX Advanced Load Balancer: Install, Configure, Manage [V21.x]VCP-NV522,89524,100
VNSXTDVMware NSX-T Data Center: Design [V4.x]VCP-NV / VCAP-NV Design525,20026,520
VNSXTSVMware NSX-T Data Center: Troubleshooting and Operations [V4.x]VCP-NV / VCAP-NV Deploy525,20026,520
VNSXVMware NSX: Install, Configure, Manage [V4.0]VCP-NV522,89524,100
VSRMVMware Site Recovery Manager: Install, Configure, Manage [V8.6]-29,2459,730
VTASVMware Tanzu Application Service: Install, Configure, Manage-420,42521,500
VTKGVMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid: Install, Configure, Manage [V2.0] VCP-AM / VCP-TKO420,42521,500
VTMCVMware Tanzu Mission Control: Management and Operations 2022VCP-AM / VCP-TKO 15,0355,300
VCAOEVMware vRealize Automation: Orchestration and Extensibility [V8.6]-522,89524,100
VLIDMVMware vRealize Log Insight: Deploy and Manage [V8.4]VCP-CO29,2159,700
VOMVMware vRealize Operations Manager: Install, Configure, Manage [V8.6]VCP-CO / VCAP-CMA Design522,89524,100
VVICMVMware vSAN: Install, Configure, Manage [V8]-420,42521,500
VVTSVMware vSAN: Troubleshooting [V8]-210,20010,750
VTDMVMware vSphere with Tanzu: Deploy and Manage [V7]VCP-AM / VCP-TKO 315,10015,900
VI8DWVMware vSphere: Design [V8]VCAP-DCV Design / VCAP-CMA Design315,10015,900
Confirmed ClassVI8FTVMware vSphere: Fast Track [V8]VCP-DCV532,76036,400
VI8ICMVMware vSphere: Install, Configure, Manage [V8]VCP-DCV522,89524,100
VI8OSVMware vSphere: Operate, Scale and Secure [V8]VCP-DCV / VCAP-DCV Deploy525,20026,520
VI8TSVMware vSphere: Troubleshooting [V8]VCP-DCV / VCAP-DCV Deploy525,20026,520
VI8WNVMware vSphere: What's New [V8]-213,77514,500
VWOAIVMware Workspace ONE: Advanced Integration [V22.x]-420,42521,500
VWODMVMware Workspace ONE: Deploy and Manage [V22.x]VCP-DW522,89524,100
VWOUEMTVMware Workspace ONE: UEM Troubleshooting [V22.x]VCP-DW29,2459,730
WS-011T00Windows Server 2019 Administration-49,90011,000