A Company with a Future in Future Technologies
For more than a decade, our business has grown multi-dimensionally in providing a broad spectrum of software solutions & services to our customers and the key to our success is our ongoing belief in delivering business value to our customers through technology, knowledge, experiences and a customer focused business model.”……

Simon Yip, CEO

Kenfil was established in 1983 and as we saw the fast growing demands in the Asia market, we set our foot in Asia with the opening of our Hong Kong Office in 1989. With a staff of more than 100 and a regional network of offices that currently includes in Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Dongguan in China and Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, we are ready to help develop the incredible business potential of the region with cutting-edge software, business solutions and industry-leading services.

With a single overriding mission: to bridge the technology gap by working with software vendors to bring the best and most productive software into the hands of local business.We have journeyed through the maturity of the software market and enjoyed extra-ordinary growth over these years and our unparalleled success in this mission has put us at the top, so that today we are the market leader in the supply of software, professional services and solutions, and corporate IT training services to businesses and organizations. In moving forward, we keep our eyes open in search for the latest and advanced software from around the globe to provide the technology that enables our customers in empowering their businesses.

To this end, we have already developed a highly effective business infrastructure including a significant degree of supply automation. Our experienced and professional staff are making a huge contribution to the development of the company’s reputation with the service that is second to none in its quick responsiveness, its ability to deliver the right product at the right time, and its capacity to provide the high degree of technical support and technology transfer that today’s most successful businesses require.

Our success can be seen in the eminence we enjoy in our chosen markets and in the number of prestigious industry awards we have received – just two of many measures that assure you of a better business partnership with Kenfil.