Streamline Database Lifecycle Management with Nutanix Era Webinar


On public, private, or hybrid clouds, Nutanix Era streamlines and simplifies database administration, helping businesses drive efficiency, agility, cost-effectiveness, and scalability across their enterprise applications. By enabling one-click provisioning, patching, and clones / snapshots across multiple database engines running on Nutanix Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure, Nutanix Era provides simplicity, security and standardization on premise and across clouds.

Join us and experience one-click, end-to-end database lifecycle management, anywhere. Deep dive into daily database operations with helpful
tips that make managing your databases a breeze.

Provision your databases in minutes, not weeks.


  • Provision a new database with Era
  • Deploy a new standalone Database
  • Request for a deployment of a database cluster with multiple replicas
  • Create New Patch Standard
  • Create a new version of a software profile for patching
  • Apply Patches
  • Update Databases with Software Profile Versions
  • Recover Corrupt database and minimize downtime
  • Clone and recover db from time machine
  • Live Demo and Q&A

Mar 18, 2022 (Friday)

2:30pm - 4:30pm

Cantonese with English Terminologies

Simon Sung
Associate Director, Education Services, Kenfil

  • 20+ years IT training experience
  • Designed & developed a series of Multi-cloud & Containers practical hands-on courses
  • Solid Real-world hands-on project experience in Docker & Kubernetes
  • Expertise in Nutanix , VMware, Microsoft, Docker, Kubernetes & Linux

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