Course CodeCourse NameCert.DayEB/PROMO (HK$)STANDARD (HK$)
2022-12:AWSAAWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate3-12,600
2022-12:AWSAAAWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional3-12,600
2022-12:AWSDAWS Certified Developer - Associate3-12,600
2022-12:AWSDEAWS Certified DevOps Engineer - Professional3-12,600
2022-12:AWSTEAWS Certified Cloud Practitioner1-4,200
AWSAAAdvanced Architecting on AWS Solutions Architect - Professional3-12,600
AWSADAdvanced Developing on AWSDevOps Engineer - Professional3-12,600
AWSAArchitecting on AWS Solutions Architect - Associate3-12,600
AWSBAWS Cloud Essentials for Business Leaders-0.5Exclusive Class ONLYPlease Contact Us for Details
Confirmed ClassAWSTEAWS Technical Essentials Cloud Practitioner1-4,200
AWSDABuilding Batch Data Analytics Solutions on AWS Data Analysis - Specialty1-4,200
AWSARBuilding Data Analytics Solutions Using Amazon Redshift Data Analysis - Specialty1-4,200
AWSDLBuilding Data Lakes on AWSData Analysis - Specialty1-4,200
AWSDWData Warehousing on AWS-3-12,600
AWSDDeveloping on AWS Developer - Associate3-12,600
AWSDEDevOps Engineering on AWSDevOps Engineer - Professional3-12,600
CICDWSKubernetes Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD)
-100% Practical Hands-on Training
AWSMMigrating to AWS-3-12,600
AWSPDDPlanning and Designing Databases on AWSDatabase - Specialty3-12,600
AWSASPractical Data Science with Amazon SageMakerMachine Learning - Specialty1-4,200
AWSEKSRunning Containers on Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS)-3-12,600
AWSSECSecurity Engineering on AWS Security - Specialty3-12,600
AWSSOSystems Operations on AWSSysOps Administrator - Associate3-12,600
AWSMLThe Machine Learning Pipeline on AWSMachine Learning - Specialty4-16,800