Course CodeCourse NameCert.DayEB/PROMO (HK$)STANDARD (HK$)
2048320483 Programming in C#-4Exclusive Class ONLYPlease Contact Us for Details
2048620486 Developing ASP.NET MVC 4 Web Applications-4Exclusive Class ONLYPlease Contact Us for Details
2074020740 Installation, Storage and Compute with Windows Server 2016-49,90011,000
2074120741 Networking with Windows Server 2016-49,90011,000
2074220742 Identity with Windows Server 2016-49,90011,000
2074420744 Securing Windows Server 2016-49,90011,000
2076420764 Administering a SQL Database Infrastructure-49,90011,000
5033150331 Windows Client, Enterprise Desktop Support Technician-38,6409,600
5500455004 Installing and Configuring System Center 2012 Operations Manager-49,90011,000
5505455054 Mastering Microsoft Project 2013-2Exclusive Class ONLYPlease Contact Us for Details
5510755107 Managing Projects with Project Server 2013-2Exclusive Class ONLYPlease Contact Us for Details
5513355133 PowerShell for Systems Center Configuration Manager Administrators-27,0007,800
5515455154 Office 365 for the End-User-13,6004,000
5518155181 Microsoft Project 2016: Digging Deeper-2Exclusive Class ONLYPlease Contact Us for Details
5528955181 Microsoft Project 2019: Digging Deeper-2Exclusive Class ONLYPlease Contact Us for Details
5519755197 Microsoft SharePoint Server 2016 for the Site Owner/Power User-27,0007,800
5519955199 SharePoint 2016 End User Training-27,0007,800
5520055200 SharePoint 2016 Power User Training-27,0007,800
5520255202 PowerShell 5.0 and Desired State Configuration-27,0007,800
5520555205 Mastering Microsoft Project 2016-2Exclusive Class ONLYPlease Contact Us for Details
5521555215 SharePoint Online Power User-38,6409,600
5523855238 SharePoint Online for Administrators-27,0007,800
5524755247 Designing and Implementing Cloud Data Platform Solutions-27,0007,800
5525555255 SharePoint for Office 365 End User Training-27,0007,800
5526155261 SharePoint for Office 365 Site Owner Training-13,6004,000
5526855268 Microsoft Power Automate for End Users-13,6004,000
Confirmed Class5528455284 Introduction to Python-3Exclusive Class ONLYPlease Contact Us for Details
5528555285 Advanced Python-1Exclusive Class ONLYPlease Contact Us for Details
5528655286 SharePoint 2019 Power User-38,6409,600
5529355293 SharePoint End User 2019-27,0007,800
Confirmed Class5532055320 Programming with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript-4Early-bird9,90011,000
AI-102T00AI-102T00 Designing and Implementing a Microsoft Azure AI SolutionRole-based Associate3Exclusive Class ONLYPlease Contact Us for Details
AI-900T00AI-900T00 Microsoft Azure AI FundamentalsRole-based Fundmental1Exclusive Class ONLYPlease Contact Us for Details
Confirmed ClassAZ-040T00AZ-040T00 Automating Administration with PowerShell-49,90011,000
AZ-104T00AZ-104T00 Microsoft Azure Administrator Role-based Associate49,90011,000
AZ-140T00AZ-140T00 Configuring and operating Windows Virtual Desktop on Microsoft AzureMS Certified Specialty38,6409,600
AZ-204T00AZ-204T00 Developing Solutions for Microsoft AzureRole-based Associate4Exclusive Class ONLYPlease Contact Us for Details
Confirmed ClassAZ-305T00AZ-305T00 Designing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure SolutionsRole-based Expert38,6409,600
AZ-400T00AZ-400T00 Designing and Implementing Microsoft DevOps solutionsRole-based Expert4Exclusive Class ONLYPlease Contact Us for Details
AZ-500T00AZ-500T00 Microsoft Azure Security Technologies Role-based Associate38,6409,600
AZ-600T00AZ-600T00 Configuring and Operating a Hybrid Cloud with Microsoft Azure Stack HubRole-based Associate38,6409,600
AZ-700T00AZ-700T00 Designing and Implementing Microsoft Azure Networking SolutionsRole-based Associate27,0007,800
AZ-800T00AZ-800T00 Administering Windows Server Hybrid Core Infrastructure Role-based Associate38,6409,600
AZ-801T00AZ-801T00 Configuring Windows Server Hybrid Advanced Services Role-based Associate38,6409,600
AZ-900T00AZ-900T00 Microsoft Azure FundamentalsRole-based Fundamental13,6004,000
DP-050T00DP-050T00 Migrating on-premises SQL Server to Azure-27,0007,800
DP-060T00DP-060T00 Migrate NoSQL workloads to Azure Cosmos DB-13,6004,000
DP-070T00DP-070T00 Migrate Open Source Data Workloads to Azure-13,6004,000
DP-080T00DP-080T00 Querying Data with Microsoft Transact-SQL-13,6004,000
DP-090T00DP-090T00 Implementing a Machine Learning Solution with Microsoft Azure Databricks-1Exclusive Class ONLYPlease Contact Us for Details
DP-100T01DP-100T01 Designing and Implementing a Data Science Solution on AzureRole-based Associate2Exclusive Class ONLYPlease Contact Us for Details
DP-203T00DP-203T00 Data Engineering on Microsoft AzureRole-based Associate3Exclusive Class ONLYPlease Contact Us for Details
DP-300T00DP-300T00 Administering Relational Databases on Microsoft AzureRole-based Associate3Exclusive Class ONLYPlease Contact Us for Details
DP-900T00DP-900T00 Microsoft Azure Data FundamentalsRole-based Fundamentals13,6004,000
MB-210T01MB-210T01 Dynamics 365 SalesRole-based Associate13,6004,000
MB-220T00MB-220T00 Microsoft Dynamics 365 MarketingRole-based Associate38,6409,600
MB-230T01MB-230T01 Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer ServiceRole-based Associate27,0007,800
MB-910T00MB-910T00 Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fundamentals Customer Engagement Apps (CRM)Role-based Fundamental13,6004,000
MB-920T00MB-920T00 Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fundamentals Finance and Operations Apps (ERP)Role-based Fundamental13,6004,000
MD-100T00MD-100T00 Windows ClientRole-based Associate49,90011,000
MD-101T00MD-101T00 Managing Modern DesktopsRole-based Associate49,90011,000
SC-300T00Microsoft Identity and Access AdministratorRole-based Associate38,6409,600
SC-200T00Microsoft Security Operations AnalystRole-based Associate38,6409,600
SC-900T00Microsoft Security, Compliance, and Identity FundamentalsRole-based Fundamental13,6004,000
MS-040T00MS-040T00 Manage SharePoint and OneDrive in Microsoft 365-27,0007,800
MS-100T00MS-100T00 Microsoft 365 Identity and ServicesRole-based Expert49,90011,000
MS-101T00MS-101T00 Microsoft 365 Mobility and SecurityRole-based Expert49,90011,000
MS-203T00MS-203T00 Microsoft 365 MessagingRole-based Associate49,90011,000
MS-500T00MS-500T00 Microsoft 365 Security AdministrationRole-based Associate38,6409,600
MS-600T00MS-600T00 Building applications and solutions with Microsoft 365 core servicesRole-based Associate49,90011,000
MS-700T00MS-700T00 Managing Microsoft Teams Role-based Associate38,6409,600
MS-720T00MS-720T00 Microsoft Teams Voice EngineerRole-based Expert27,0007,800
MS-900T01MS-900T01 Microsoft 365 FundamentalsRole-based Fundamental13,6004,000
PL-100T00PL-100T00 Microsoft Power Platform App MakerRole-based Associate27,0007,800
PL-200T00PL-200T00 Microsoft Power Platform Functional Consultant Role-based Associate39,90011,000
Confirmed ClassPL-300T00PL-300T00 Microsoft Power BI Data AnalystRole-based Associate27,0007,800
PL-400T00PL-400T00 Microsoft Power Platform DeveloperRole-based Associate4Exclusive Class ONLYPlease Contact Us for Details
PL-500T00PL-500T00: Microsoft Power Automate RPA DeveloperRole-based Associate3Exclusive Class ONLYPlease Contact Us for Details
PL-600T00PL-600T00 Power Platform Solution ArchitectRole-based Expert3Exclusive Class ONLYPlease Contact Us for Details
PL-900T00PL-900T00 Microsoft Power Platform FundamentalsRole-based Fundamentals13,6004,000
SC-100T00SC-100T00 Microsoft Cybersecurity ArchitectRole-based Expert38,6409,600
SC-400T00SC-400T00 Microsoft Information Protection AdministratorRole-based Associate27,0007,800
WS-013T00WS-013T00 Azure Stack HCI-27,0007,800