Create your plan in minute,

Save your cost in thousands

shift scheduling from anywhere

chat instantly with your team

real-time monitoring of employee attendance status

instant view of scheduled shifts

Centralized Schedule

(From manager’s view)​

  • Quick schedule planning and distribution​

  • Full visibility with real-time status updates of each staff and each shop​

  • Avoid overlapping shifts​

  • No more “Didn’t see” excuses ​

  • Monitor and measure the labor resource pools effectively




Centralized Schedule

(From staff’s view)

  • Each staff has their own schedule to check daily availability

  • Keep track of the shifts that are up for grabs 

  • They are allowed to access their own schedule only





Staff Leave Tracking

  • Managers can check each staff’s current leave application status

  • Approved leaves will automatically update into the system





In-app chat

  • Offers managers a tool for compliant communication

  • Direct message available staffs when managers need coverage in an emergency

  • Allow staffs to independently request time off and swap






End-of-Day (EOD) Operation

  • Reduce need for manual intervention

  • Minimize the need for resources beyond regular working hours

  • Only one staff can access the daily EOD operation to avoid multiple and inaccurate data

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