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We listen to understand the infrastructure, security and processes already in place. We also listen to the challenges and problems you are having. It is important that our program align with your needs based on the existing infrastructure and challenges. Once we agree, our team will complete a more in-depth analysis of the current IT structure and environment.

Our experts will complete an in-depth analysis of the current IT structure and environment. With that information, we draw comparisons with industry standards. This is the point in which we identify key inefficiencies, risks, redundancies, and opportunities for development by covering many areas of your IT systems to make recommendations. We base our recommendations on both current and future cloud capacity for growth and change as well as for budget considerations.

Depending on the size and timing of the project, cloud onboarding could happen over a weekend or over weeks or months. But Kenfil aimed to accelerate the enablement process by offering our exclusive online training to clients, simply learn from the cloud-based platform to save your time and resources.

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