AWS Cloud Infrastructure PoC Workshops

The workshops have been included in the list of registered public courses under the Reindustrialisation and Technology Training Programme (RTTP) which subsidises local companies on a 2:1 matching basis to train their staff in advanced technologies. Programme Details >> 

With the right cloud skills, you can iterate faster and get to a proof of concept with less effort. Kenfil’s exclusive AWS Cloud Infrastructure PoC Workshops help you to master core AWS services with real-world, scenario-based training plus real-use cases exploration and hands-on experience.

In the workshops, we…
– enable you to use AWS in the right way – save 20% cost & achieve up to 80% faster cloud adoption
– provide AWS credits for hands-on experience – build your cloud skills in real environment – no simulations
– use interactive techniques to involve participants fully in real-world challenges and solutions
– are results-oriented – you can walk away with knowledge and get the proof by the end of the workshop
– share practical experience – learn directly from AWS experts to get your questions answered

Workshop Outcome: By the end of the workshop, you’ll take along with your final delivery of POC you’ve done

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Course CodeCourse NameCert.DayEB/PROMO (HK$)STANDARD (HK$)
POCNVSecure Network Framework & Cloud VDI -2-8,400
POCLMCloud Ingress Traffic & Hybrid Monitoring -2-8,400