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Secure Your Hybrid Cloud from Ransomware Attacks together with Nutanix Flow & Check Point

Enhance Application Security with Nutanix Flow and Check Point CloudGuard

Cyber attacks are growing in frequency and sophistication. Research shows a 350% growth in ransomware attacks alone.

Nutanix integrates with Check Point to augment Nutanix Flow microsegmentation with consistent policy management and enforcement of advanced security protections in software- defined data center environments.

Designed for the dynamic requirements of cloud-based data centers, CloudGuard provides automated security provisioning coupled with the most comprehensive protections.

Join us and dive into how to enable advanced threat prevention security to HCI environments.

Learn how to Cloudifying and Simplifying Databases

Join us and experience how you can:

  • Deploy of CloudGuard Network R81 Security Gateways with Nutanix Calm Blueprint
  • Apply Micro-segmentation with Nutanix Flow and CloudGuard Network R81 Security Gateways
  • CloudGuard Network Security Gateways Auto-provision using Cloud Management extension (CME)

Bonus Track: Enable advanced Threat Prevention Security for HCI
by guest speaker: Tommy Lui, Security Engineer, Check Point

OCt 7, 2022 (Fri)

2:30pm - 4:00pm


Live Virtual Webinar via GoToWebinar
In-person Seminar at Kenfil Training Center^

Cantonese with English Terminologies

^The event will be conducted in Cantonese and delivered in hybrid mode (synchronous classroom in-person and/or live virtual format).

Limited seats will be arranged for in-person participants.

Seat allocation will be conducted by 2 weeks prior to event day, and participants will be notified by email about the allocation by that time.

Simon Sung
Associate Director, Education Services, Kenfil

  • 20+ years IT training experience
  • Designed & developed a series of Multi-cloud & Containers practical hands-on courses
  • Solid Real-world hands-on project experience in Docker & Kubernetes
  • Expertise in Nutanix , VMware, Microsoft, Docker, Kubernetes & Linux

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