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Kubernetes Management Made Simple with Nutanix Kubernetes Engine (NKE)

Build an enterprise Kubernetes environment that keeps pace with developers’ needs

Fast-track your way to production-ready Kubernetes and simplify lifecycle management with Nutanix Kubernetes Engine (NKE), an enterprise Kubernetes management solution. NKE empowers you to deliver and manage an end-to-end, production-ready Kubernetes environment with push-button simplicity while preserving a native user experience.

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Learn how to dramatically simplify provisioning, operations, and lifecycle management of Kubernetes

Join us and experience how you can:

  • Deploy production-ready, multi-master Kubernetes clusters in only a few clicks
    Automatically configure and deploy your Kubernetes clusters for high availability through NKE’s simple, streamlined workflow.
  • Easily configure persistent storage
    Every NKE Kubernetes cluster is deployed with a Nutanix full-featured CSI driver, which natively integrates with Volumes Block Storage and Files Storage to easily provide persistent storage for containerized applications.
  • Scale seamlessly, without limit
    Add Kubernetes worker nodes with a single click. When additional physical resources are needed, expanding the cluster is just as simple.
  • Automate CI/CD workflow
    With continuous deployment (CD), DevOps teams set the criteria for code releases ahead of time and when those criteria are met and validated, the code is deployed into the Nutanix Karbon (production environment).
  • Live Demo and Q&A

Oct 7, 2022 (Fri)

2:30pm - 4:00pm


Live Virtual Webinar via GoToWebinar
In-person Seminar at Kenfil Training Center^

Cantonese with English Terminologies

^The event will be conducted in Cantonese and delivered in hybrid mode (synchronous classroom in-person and/or live virtual format).

Limited seats will be arranged for in-person participants.

Seat allocation will be conducted by 2 weeks prior to event day, and participants will be notified by email about the allocation by that time.

Simon Sung
Associate Director, Education Services, Kenfil

  • 20+ years IT training experience
  • Designed & developed a series of Multi-cloud & Containers practical hands-on courses
  • Solid Real-world hands-on project experience in Docker & Kubernetes
  • Expertise in Nutanix , VMware, Microsoft, Docker, Kubernetes & Linux

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