Pro Tips for Advancing Your Career with AWS Certifications Webinar

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Skilling Up and Validating Capabilities with AWS Training and Certification

Drives Job Effectiveness, Career Growth, and Job Satisfaction
Whether you’re just starting out or adding another certification, AWS can help. AWS Training and Certification equips learners and organizations across the globe with a cloud computing education to build and validate in-demand cloud computing skills.
With AWS certifications*:
  • Improved productivity: 84% of learners said AWS Training improved their on-the-job efficiency and 83% reported improved effectiveness. Similarly, 80% said AWS Certifications boosted their efficiency, and 83% reported improved effectiveness.
  • Increased operational skills: 85% of learners saw an improvement in their operational skills that far exceeded their expectations as a result of AWS Training and Certification. 90% of learners reported a positive return on investment (ROI) from AWS Training, and 91% reported the same from AWS Certification.
  • Greater earning potential and job security: 69% of respondents reported higher earnings as a result of AWS Training, and 74% reported the same as a result of earning AWS Certifications. Additionally, 82% of learners reported increased job security as a result of AWS Training, and 83% reported the same for those who earned AWS Certifications.
Curious about which AWS Certification to pursue and how to prepare? Wondering how a team achieving AWS Certifications impacts efficiency, innovation, and security? In this session, get practical tips, concrete strategies, and insights from AWS expert.

*Source: ESG Research Insights Paper Commissioned by AWS, Training and Certification Help Learners Thrive in an Increasingly Cloud-first World, January 2022.
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  • First AWS Authorized Instructor (AAI) & AAI Champion in HK
  • 20+ years IT training experience
  • Trained 10,000+ AWS students
  • Expertise in AWS, Microsoft, Citrix & VMware
  • Regular & dedicated speaker of tech seminars & workshops
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