Design a Dynamic Inventory Dashboard to Monitor Zero Inventory Webinar

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Should a company keep more or less inventory?

  • Less Inventory? What about we do not have sufficient stock to meet the customer demand? Reordering from vendors would take time andwe will be losing sales.
  • More Inventory? You may keep too much dead stock that would tie up cash on hand!

Inventory needs a higher level of control.
Do we have enough experience to figure out this optimal level?

JOIN Us and LEARN how we can visualize the inventory positions at all levels and how we can reconcile stock movements
with stock balance easily.

More importantly, we will visualize how stock level changes with respect to the customer demand which give you better insights into your entire supply chain.

Don’t miss this opportunity to watch the behaviour of inventory flow in a glace with an impressive and unique dashboard design!

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Presented by

Mr. Danny Chan

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Mr Danny CHAN possesses rich project experience in information and data technologies for over 20 years in various industries, such as F&B, Retail, Supply Chain and Logistics, and Finance. Being a practitioner, he is now working as a corporate consultant and technology trainer, specializing in developing BI solutions with data automation. Mr CHAN has been teaching a broad spectrum of emerging technology courses with various local educational institutions since 2018, focusing on data analytics and visualization with Tableau and Power BI. He is the certified partner consultant with Tableau.

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